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Uterus-Shaped Cereal That Turns the Milk Red Launched to Normalize Conversations About Menstruation

  This cereal was designed as a conversation starter 

Sanitary pads wrapped tightly in black plastic bags are the image most of us associate with periods. Have you ever tried to say the word (period or menstruation) out loud at home? If you have then you know the death glares that follow. It’s always ‘time of the month’ or just subtle looks and pads stuffed in dingy corners of our cupboards. People in Harry Potter discussed Lord Voldemort more openly. Menstruation is a bodily function that every woman around the globe experiences. Why are conversations around it so heavily stigmatised? 

In a bid to change that fact, a Swedish company Intimina has introduced a very unique campaign. They launched ‘Period Crunch’, a uterus-shaped raspberry-flavoured breakfast cereal that will turn the milk poured onto it red. Sure, it’s a tad gross. But before you scrunch your face and shake your head, think about how it will pave the way for open conversations about menstruation. 

"We created #PeriodCrunch to encourage families to discuss menstruation more openly, even at the breakfast table," Intimina wrote on Twitter. 


This launch was inspired by a study conducted by the wellness brand that showed that 50% of people are too embarrassed to openly discuss menstruation and 77% of people haven’t had a single open conversation about the concept at home. If these numbers aren’t staggering (albeit not unbelievable) enough, their study also showed that 82% of people don’t correctly know where the uterus is located. 

To try and rectify this, INTIMINA included conversation prompts and a diagram of the female reproductive system on the cereal box. Every aspect of Period Crunch was designed to be a conversation starter about menstruation. Danela Zagar, a spokesperson for Intimina told Yahoo News, “Periods are normal, and talking about periods should be normal. But as our research shows, conversations about periods at home are few and far between. For the sake of our physical and mental health, we need to talk more about our menstrual health – and that’s what Period Crunch cereal is designed to raise awareness of and make a statement about.”