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5 Zodiac Signs That Will Pretend They Don't Care After a Breakup

  When it comes to breakups, it helps to know what you’re in for

We enter relationships dazzled by the prospect of a potential forever partnership. We spend time learning their every action, work hard to reach milestones and just hope that the person you’ve chosen to invest so much in is ‘your person’. It’s rarely that simple. Most relationships are as complicated as ‘Stranger Things’ upside-down world. In the end, we are left with heartache and enough (now seemingly useless) information on this person to write a book.

Breakups are universal. But how we deal with breakups varies from person to person. Or rather from Zodiac to Zodiac. We consulted celebrity astrologer Dr Jai Madaan and have rounded up a list of sun signs that tend to exhibit aloofness after a breakup and can’t help but disguise their emotions with a mask of nonchalance. When it comes to breakups, it’s always wise to stay prepared and to know what you’re in for.


Cancerians, just like the crab that symbolizes them, have tough shells to protect their sensitive interior. Dr Maddan says, “Cancerians have an outer shell which seems hard but internally they are fragile. They have a huge fear of repeated loss. They don’t like showing their partners that they care after a breakup though they generally do care a lot.”

 They aren’t the ones to wear their heart on their sleeve and trust anyone blindly. At the same time, they are romantics at their very core. So, while it’s difficult for these water signs to enter a serious, committed relationship when they do find someone they feel safe with, it’s not easy for them to let go.

However, not all bonds last forever. And because Cancerians struggle with breakups, they need to completely vilify their ex to handle the wave of emotions. Dr Maddan says, “When it comes to breakups they don’t like showing their affection for their partner because they don’t want to open themselves up to the whole trap again. They like to remain emotionally strong by not showing that they care.”

They don’t mean to be bitter but when a relationship goes south, they often try and switch off as fast as they can. Putting firm boundaries and zero-contact policies in place. It’s easier for them to pretend like they don’t care about the situation than face the music.


Leos are known for their dynamic personalities and being OTT in general. They have a flair for the dramatic and they don’t shy away from it. Their vanity would never allow it. However, this fire sign is all about everything romantic and is driven by infatuation. But when the flame starts to dim, for whatever reason, Leos prefer playing the role of dumper than being the dumpee. After a breakup, they bounce back fairly quickly.

Pretending to not care is nothing more than a defence mechanism for them. A way to protect their pride from taking the brunt of heartbreak. Dr Madaan agrees. She says, “For a Leo, their ego and pride overrule their emotions. So to maintain their own pride, they try not to get into the lives of their exes or run behind them for affection. They can’t tolerate rejection.” 


Governed by the planet of love (Venus) and represented by scales, Libras are skilled flirts and have no problem moving seamlessly from one relationship to another. But when it comes to matters of the heart, Libras take their own sweet time to commit. Weighing out every option. But once they are in a serious relationship, they are all in. They don’t keep one foot out the door. This is why when emotional turbulence hits, they tend to balance their inner turmoil with a facade of nonchalance. They will be on a dating app swiping faster than their ex can stop crying. 

Dr Maddan says, “Librans do not care too much if they have emotionally moved on. They like to maintain their equilibrium and their balance. They have a very practical understanding of things and people. So, if they feel the person is not into them, they would genuinely not like to show excessive care. They believe in moving on.  And once they move on, they move on.”

It’s all about balance for them. And if pretending like they don’t care is what makes them feel better, that’s what they will do. 


Intense and brooding, Scorpios are all about extremes. They are ruled by Pluto and the eighth house that signifies Sex, Death, and Marriage. They are intense, sensual, and mysterious. At their very core though (being the water sign that they are) they are defined by transformation. However, none of this means that breakups are easy for the devilish scorpions. Much like Cancerians, they use their tough, poisonous (figuratively, in this case) to protect their soft, deeply emotional interior. 

Dr Maddan says, “Scorpions want the other person to feel the vacuum, the suffering, the pain, of their absence. So they like to make it much more obvious and hurtful. They want to make it prominent for their exes that they aren’t around anymore and that it’s a loss.” 

They might seem calm, cool, and collected on the outside. But their insides tell a very different story. They often feel jilted and are festering and overthinking in secret. Will they ever let their ex know this? Not. They might even block their exes on social but create fake profiles to stalk them. 


The last of the fire signs, Sagittarians are passionate archers. Forever seeking new thrills and adventures. They are quick to commit but if they feel even slightly stifled or controlled, out they go. If you’re in a relationship with a Sagi, remember to honour their freedom. However, if the fire dies down (for whatever reason) you can be sure that they will find it easy to pack up and move on. Or at least pretend to. The nomad within will take over. It’s easier for Sagi to do that than sit in one place (mentally) and obsess. That is not in their nature.

Sagittarians will stop at nothing to follow their passions. Dr Maddan says, “Sagittarians are a goal-oriented, and optimistic sign. They're usually very carefree people. They're just too busy with their own thing. So the people they’re in a relationship with feel that they are a little self-centred. They're not selfish. They're self-centred. If they feel they need you for something or that they have a connection with you, they will show their care and concern. But since they are so self-oriented, they actually forget when you need them.”