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5 No-Nonsense Tips to Shopping Smarter in What’s Left of 2022

Time to fill up your shopping carts already!


Come August and the world becomes a better place. For starters, there’s some respite from the blistering heat and then comes the onset of the festive season. 


Let’s be honest: Festive shopping can potentially prove to be quite stressful. You got to navigate crowded malls, pray you don’t get caught in the festive rush, and try not to overspend. Well this year, your shopping experience doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve got 5 no-nonsense tips for you all to make shopping trips worthwhile in the last 5 months of ’22.


1. Map out your shopping beforehand

It isn’t easy to go pre-planned when stores are packed with an overwhelming collection and are upgrading to new styles everyday. But still, spend some time and make a rough list of what you plan to shop for. Figure out what stores you plan to visit and what you plan on purchasing from each. It will help you save time and keep you sane.


2. Hunt for ideas on social media


Ever been at a point when you know what to shop but something is still not clear in your head? We’ve all been there. A glance through social media can hit the right chords. There’s a ton of inspiration available online, and if there is a celebrity whose style you like, refer to their different looks and try to find similar styles. Inspiration from different realms of fashion can even help you mix-n-match to create something unique of your own.


3. Go Cashless or go home: One Paytm wallet, multiple transactions




The last thing you want while on a shopping spree is poaching cash from your bag while holding tons of bags. Going cashless makes life, shopping, and pretty much everything easier. It is especially useful while out on a shopping spree, as you can easily track all your spending in one place. And when we say cashless, one of your best options is the Paytm Wallet. Pretty much every store, no matter which mall, market, or city, is more than happy to accept payments through Paytm Wallet. It is quick, simple, and convenient and you get various cashbacks, offers, scratch cards, rewards, and discounts on making payments through the Paytm app. There isn’t any fee charged by Paytm to use the Paytm wallet and it can be literally used anywhere across the country to make offline and online purchases. 


4. Don’t be clumsy with Paytm. Activate the option to automatically top up your Paytm Wallet


Can’t stand that person in the billing queue who takes an eternity to make a payment? Well, you might also end up being that person, even after going cashless. How? If you don’t add funds to your Paytm Wallet in advance, chances are you might end up going crazy looking for your debit/credit card while in the queue, and make others wait while you enter the damn OTP. Don’t be that person. Instead, automate adding funds to your Paytm wallet whenever you are short of balance. Paytm gives the option to add money to the wallet through UPI and Paytm Payments Bank. This wonderful feature is the easiest way to maintain balance in your Paytm wallet. Get with it in just 4 simple steps:

  • Click on Paytm Wallet
  • Click on Automatic Add Money Feature
  • Set the balance limit
  • Select UPI or Paytm Payments Bank to make the payment


The success rate of getting a payment done through the Paytm wallet is much more than UPI. It is super convenient thanks to instant transactions made easier and without having to worry about UPI downtime, OTPs, or maybe poor internet connectivity.  Payments happen in the blink of an eye if you already have funds in the wallet. Plus, the auto top-up remains the best way to make the most of online transactions. 


Imagine how convenient it is to go shopping just with your phone— NOTHING ELSE. You don’t need your bag, credit card, debit card, or even cash—just the Paytm app with the automatic Paytm Wallet add money option enabled. It entirely eliminates the need to enter a PIN/OTP. While there is no minimum balance requirement for the Paytm wallet, the user has the liberty to define the amount to be added automatically and Paytm will do the needful as soon as it detects your wallet balance running low. Auto top-up gives the option to automatically add anything between Rs 500 to Rs 5,000. 


5. Never leave major purchases to the last minute


Maybe you are planning to get thoughtful Diwali gifts for your family or home décor for a Diwali revamp—whatever your needs, never, ever, leave such big purchases to the last minute. The festival season is hectic, and leaving this task for the last minute will most likely force you to settle for a not-so-ideal deal. The best way forward is to prep in advance, so that you can enjoy the festivities and good times. 



Finally, always value quality over quantity. As easy as it is to get enticed by all the stuff on offer, remember that shopping is all about being smart with your choices. Paytm gives the option to scan and shop your way through life. All you need is money in your Paytm wallet to shop from anywhere and everywhere. The automatic add money option makes it all the more easier by automatically topping-up funds to the Paytm wallet, so you never run out of shopping hassle-free to your heart’s content.