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The Secret to Mirror Selfies is...Not Using a Mirror

Go ahead and take that floor-length one out of your cart.  

Honestly, it was always sort of too impressive when influencers had nary a smudge nor a sink edge in their mirror selfies. But it wasn’t until Houston-based influencer Kara Del Toro revealed this hack on her handle that we realised, uh, basically everything truly is a lie. Unlike many social media fabrications tricks, though, this one is actually attainable for us regs. Behold, a step-by step guide to making your next “mirror selfie” practically perfect in every way.


Step 1
Secure both a prop phone (aka your real phone) and an actual camera with a self-timer. Or just ask your bestie to use their own phone’s camera. CYOA!


Step 2
Find a spot that looks like you are standing in front of a mirror. Avoid outdoor spaces to lean into the deception.


Step 3
If it is just you: set up your camera on a tripod (the professionalism!) or an inanimate object (maybe a stack of books on a coffee table?) directly in front of you at eye level. If your bestie is around: have them hold up their phone at your eye level.


Step 4
Pose like you are looking into a mirror (or looking into your phone looking into a mirror), holding your phone with a convincingly steady grip. Stay away from weird angles at all costs.


Step 5
Snap your sneaky pic, and voilà! You got a shiny new selfie without having to bust out the glass cleaner.


Step 6
Drop that bb on every single social platform.