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5 scenic locations where House of The Dragon was shot

Here are a few filming spots from the HBO franchise that you can check out or even better, visit!

August 21 is a date that fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones will always remember. Years of waiting finally came to an end as House of The Dragon had the premiere of its very first episode. So yes, the battles, the kings and queens, the drama, sex and a lot more came back on our screens (although set almost 200 years before the events in GoT), along with a host of old and new scenic spots that we’ve marked down. Having put a host of cities in Croatia, Iceland, and Spain, on the map (not literally, duh), we’ve got a new list of places from the show that will take you back in time...

Cáceres in Spain 


Having been home to King’s Landing (which is why this place may seem familiar to you), this town in Spain makes a comeback in House of The Dragon. Dating back to 25 BC, this World Heritage Site is a tourist hot spot. With ancient walls, cobbled streets, turrets flanked by gargoyles (yes, you read that right), and a picturesque plaza, Cáceres is the medieval charm at its best.

Trujilo, Spain 


Located 45km east of Cáceres, here’s another scenic Spanish location that fans will fondly remember. The medieval castles that overlook the hills, were used as the perfect setting for the city walls of 'King’s Landing' (Do you remember the scene where Jaime and Bronn stand and watch Daenery’s army arrive?) The town boasts of having a few of the most spectacular Roman ruins in the country along with plenty of stone towers and cobblestone squares. And if that wasn’t enough tourists will be treated to some lip-smacking local Spanish delicacies that include Jamon Monasterio and Torta del Casar.

Monsanto, Portugal 


Take a short drive west from Cáceres to reach this historic location, also called the ‘City of Stones’, and which was also voted as the ‘most Portuguese village in Portugal.’ This UNESCO Heritage Site town is home to a clock tower, stone buildings, orange rooftops and a huge stone fortress (now in ruins), on the mountain top that can easily pass off as Kings Landing or any Westeros city.

Cornwall in England 


With sea houses in the Game of Thrones franchise playing an instrumental role in proceedings, places by the coast are always in fashion. And it doesn’t get any better than Cornwall. Things are different this time around, as we get to see the beaches at Kynance Cove and Holywell Bay. In fact, our very first introduction to the series was Daemon Targaryen and an adult Rhaenyra filmed at Holywell Beach in the first promo images. On the other hand, an extensive Velaryon army camp in the Stepstones was constructed at Kynance Cove. Filming was also done at St. Michael's Mount, an island castle believed to be depicting Driftmark, the ancestral seat of House Velaryon. If you’re a traveller who loves exploring local cuisines, you simply have to try out their Cornish pasties and ice cream.

Peak District, England 


Made up of limestone valleys and gorges, the Peak District is the first national park in England and Wales. Filled with lush hillsides, valleys and lakes, the makers of the series couldn’t have asked for a better place that’s all about nature. With Cave Dale being a place where the crab king's acolytes take shelter, it was no surprise to see most of the scenes featuring Craghas Drahar or the Crabfeeder on the show having been shot here.