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7 indoor plants that’ll jazz up your work desk instantly

It’s time to enter your plant mom era

You’ve put up that sentimental polaroid featuring you and your besties. You’ve pinned countless postcards from your memorable trips. You’ve even got a fancy candle to level up your desk situation. Despite making your work desk look cosy and vibrant, something still seems to be missing—something you can’t quite put your finger on.

We’ll solve this mystery for you—it needs a plant. Apart from being certified mood-lifters, plants bring plenty of aesthetics to the table (in this case, literally!) And you don’t even need to have a green thumb to take care of one.

Here’s Cosmo’s list of the best indoor plants that *ahem* won’t hold a grudge if you forget to water them.


Photo: Broken heart

Broken heart

First of all, let’s address its melancholic name, shall we? No, the plant didn’t go through a devastating breakup. It is named so because of its heart-shaped leaves, which have beautiful cut-outs. Resembling the more popular monstera, it is a quick-growing plant with delicate vines that you can use to frame your pin-board at work and make your desk look like it's straight out of a mood board.

Photo: Bamboo


If you are always looking up your horoscope in between work breaks or blame all your problems on Mercury retrograde, then bamboo is your plant match. Considered one of the luckiest plants according to Feng Shui, it is believed to bring positivity, wealth, and good health. Easy to care for and inexpensive to boot, we think everyone could do with a bamboo plant in their life!

Photo: Aloe vera

Aloe vera

This one needs no introduction—who knew the plant skincare enthusiasts swear by would also be the ideal candidate for your work desk aesthetic? Most nurseries and plant websites now sell the popular green in a mini size, so you can enjoy all of its beauty without any of the space restraints. As aloe vera thrives in light, it’s perfect for your home desk that gets ample sunlight or your office corner that has bright indoor lighting.

Photo: Button fern

Button fern

Purifies air? Check. Non-toxic to pets? Check. Cute as a button? Check. Button fern does it all. This delicate number has tiny leaves (where it gets its name from) full foliage, and slender stems. One thing is for sure, it will bring a wild vibe to your desk that will make you want to stay at work for longer (but you really shouldn't!)

Photo: zz plant

ZZ plant

Can’t resist a lush, shiny plant? Then look no further than ZZ—it is a cult favourite for a reason. For one, it’s extremely drought-resistant aka practically indestructible. So it’s perfect for those who are not the best plant parents. Two, it doesn’t need much sunlight, which makes it the perfect addition to your office work desk. And it’s an ace air purifier too. Talk about being a multitasker!

Photo: Kalanchoe


If vibrant flowers are more your thing, then go for kalanchoe and add a pop of colour to your desk. An evergreen succulent with glossy wide leaves, it blooms in a variety of colours—from sunny yellow to pastel pink. Bonus: It’s beginner-friendly, so even if you don’t have a green thumb, worry not!

Photo: Snake plant

Snake plant

This multi-coloured beauty is another one on this list that has many fans owing to its easy-going persona. Low light? Not a problem. Less water? No sweat. Plus, it does well in small pots so the plant won’t take up precious real estate on your tiny work desk.