6 Daily Hacks That'll Melt Away Your Belly Fat

#3 lets you indulge and lose calories! #lifegoals

1. Ditch All Kinds of Diet Soda

Diet sodas are full of artificial sweeteners, which according to the research, trick your brain into thinking it's sugar, ergo, making the body consume it in the same manner. A study in the Diabetes Pro Journal found that people who consumed two or more diet sodas per day were six times more likely to gain weight around the belly than non-drinkers.

2. Sprinkle Pepper on Your Food

Piperine present in pepper is the ultimate fat-blasting component. It increases one's metabolism, therefore leading to weight loss, specially around the waist. Not just that, it also cures stomach troubles and decreases cholesterol levels.

3. Eat Three Square Meals

Stroke the metabolic fire by eating multiple meals a day. Three balanced meals in a day is a good way to regulate your system into functioning properly. If you want to take it a notch higher, start having five small meals a day—a balance of carbs, proteins, roughage and healthy liquids.

4. Add Nuts to Your Daily Regime

Incorporate nuts like walnuts and almonds with your daily meals. They not only lead to weight loss but are known to bust belly fat specifically.

5. Use Coconut Oil Instead of Vegetable Oil

Coconut has saturated fat that balances your cholesterol levels, in turn promoting weight loss. Not just that, it has its beauty benefits as well—it comes with great moisturising properties, using it over time reduces stretch marks, works as an under-eye cream...the list is endless.

6. Drink Green Tea

Drinking hot water is a good way to keep weight in check. Apart from that, drinking green tea three times a day is known to reduce belly fat over time.

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