7 Every Day Products That Were Invented Accidentally

And thank effing GOD for it!

1. Potato Chips

In 1853 George Crum, a chef in New York, accidentally invented potato chips when an annoying customer kept sending his plate of french fried potatoes back to the kitchen saying they were soggy. To teach the customer a lesson, George sliced them extra thin, fried them till they got insanely crispy and sprinkled some salt on them. And therefore, potato chips were born.

2. Popsicles

In 1905, soda pop had just become the most popular drink. An 11 year old kid, Frank Epperson used a combo of the powder for soda and water and absent-mindedly left the cocktail out on the porch all night. Temperatures ended up dropping severely and when he came out in the morning, he found his mixture frozen with the stirring stick still in it. You can thank this boy for all your pop-hued tongues.

3. Post-it Notes

In 1968, Spencer Silver, a chemist stumbled across an adhesive which was juuuust strong enough to hold paper to a surface, but too weak to stick two objects together. After many failed attempts at finding a marketable application, one of Silver's colleagues, Art Fry, realized that it would be perfect as a no-slip bookmark. Hello, Post-it.

4. Microwave

In 1945 Percy Spencer, a navy radar specialist was fiddling with microwave emitters when he realised the chocolate bar in his pocket has started melting. That incident inspired the idea, and cooking and kitchens have never been the same ever since.

5. Saccharin

In 1879, Constantine Fahlberg, a researcher at Johns Hopkins University was coming home from work when he noticed that his wife's home-baked biscuits were sweeter than usual. The chemical that would eventually be known as 'Saccharin' had been on his hands after the lab work. Fahlberg immediately got a patent filed and mass-produced the product.

6. Chocolate Chip Cookies

In 1930 Ruth Wakefield was mixing a batch of cookies when she ran out of baker's chocolate. To fix the situation, she broke sweetened chocolate into bits and pieces to add equally to the cookie dough, expecting it to melt but the bits got stuck. What a yummy accident!

7. LSD (Drug)

In 1938, Albert Hofmann, a chemist unintentionally swallowed a small amount of LSD while researching its properties. He later had the first acid trip in history, marking the entry of a drug—and changed the lives of like, every college kid ever.