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30 Addictive Korean Dramas to Binge-Watch

From hilarious webtoons-inspired shows to tear-jerking romantic comedies and Studio Ghibli-esque food shows, take your pick of these K-dramas to press play!

A timid, restaurant worker who can see ghosts gets possessed by an extrovert spirit of a girl. Why, you ask? Well, the spirit wants to have a last chance of romance before moving on to the afterlife. The show is perfect package of romance and murder mystery! Stream it on Netflix.

This psychological drama mixed with romance will give you MAJOR FEELS. Plus, if you weren't into Korean music, the sound track will change your mind! Stream it on Netflix.

Sugar daddies, job-hunting, flatmate issues and even abusive relationships, this K-drama deals with the lives of 5 flatmates. Just hit play and you are sure to get addicted. Stream it on Netflix

One of the funniest show of ALL TIMES, this is based on the webtoons by Jo Seok that are inspired by his family and girlfriend. You will be LMAO-ing and how, so don't tell us that we didn't warn you! Stream it on Netflix

Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency- These are the adventures of three good-looking dudes who run a matrimonial agency and are forced to hire a helper woman, who is a simpleton. Well, the helper woman's alleged boyfriend is also the king. Non-spoiler plot twist: She doesn't know it! Steam it on

A mini-series that is all about young love, serendipity and lots of hairspray. Press play for warm, fuzzy vibes. Stream it on

Love may be blind but age-gap love is a torture. A 30-something woman and her friend's much younger brother go on from being 'just accquaintances' to lovers and take on the dating taboos in the society. A pleasant, romantic watch! Stream it on Netflix

Hello foodies, this show is probably the closest you will come to Studio Ghibli-like animated food in real life. The two-season long show deals with how complete strangers bond over food. Keep some snack handy, we say, you will definitely drool. Stream it on

If you aren't watching it just for Lee Jong Suk, here's what its all about: A lawyer falls in love with a high-schooler who can read minds and together they try to solve a murder most foul. Stream it on

A cutesy, feel-good love story when a gorgeous actress falls in love with her rather grumpy neighbour... who is also an extra-terrestrial. Yep! Stream it on

Bong Soon is an incredibly strong in she can lift trucks and fling them in the air. And, this series is all about her wish to be a 'dainty, flower-like' woman but will she find true love with her herculean strength? Stream it on Netflix.

This is a high school drama with really, really mysterious protagonist and a plot twist you will never see coming. Stream it on

This young romance series deals with a girl who underwent plastic surgery and yet cannot seem to find confidence in her new good looks. A heart-touching tale about shallow perceptions regarding beauty and the plastic surgery boom in Korea. PS- Gangam Beauty is a slang for people who are too pretty to be real aka who went under the knife to get their looks. Stream it on Netflix

A psychological thriller with cutesy romantic moments, this movie is a must-watch mostly because of a brilliant performance by Ji Sung as a man suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder and the shocking revelation about what caused his condition. Stream it on

This romantic comedy is all the about the members of a has-been K-pop group and their quest for a happy ending. Now in their 30s and their lives drastically different from when they were celebrities, this is a feel-good watch. Stream it on

Another webtoon inspired show, this one is all about drama, drama and a sociopath lover. Quite a roller coaster! Stream it on Netflix

The Liar and His Lover is a cutesy love story of an under-confident musician and a perky, happy singer. Stream it on Netflix.

Marriage of convenience...what can possibly go wrong? Well, press play to find out. Stream it on Netflix.

If you must watch only one movie from this list, let it be this one. A couple meet, fall in love and get married...but there are no happy endings and this will really tug your heart strings. Stream it on

A hotel for the dead and a love unrequited, this is a romantic comedy set in the supernatural world. Stream it on Netflix.

A divorced couple try to find their way back to each other working through past resentments and money...loads of it! Stream it on

What happens if you fall in love with a beautiful NINE-TAILED FOX? Press play to find out if this love kills or heals. Stream it on

Set in gorgeous Italy, the series deals with a video game that has a bug making it real. Yes, all the battles and bloodshed happen IRL. This series is not your run of the mill K-drama and you will be pleasantly surprised! Stream it on Netflix.

Not all love stories have happy endings, especially if you are a famous South Korean fashionista who has fallen for a North Korean soldier! A gorgeous ending and amazing soundtracks, this one is sure to leave you teary-eyed. Stream it on Netflix.

Based on a webtoon of the same name by Chon Kye-young, this series about an app and its creator. The app lets you express your feelings to someone who is in your 10 meter radius. A refreshing take on modern love, this one! Stream it on Netflix.

Raw psychological and emotional issues, gorgeous art and an almost-IRL love story, this one is a must-watch if you LOVE Tim Burton. Stream it on Netflix.

Inspired by the webtoon Twin Tops Bar by Bae Hye-soo, the series deals with a cursed 500-year-old ghost (who appears as a beautiful human) and her afterlife detective sidekick as they try to solve the problems of stressed-out mortals in their dreams! Stream it on Netflix.

A girl who can identify smells by sight helps a detective solve murders and other crimes. Stream it on

Honestly, just watch it for Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye! Stream it on

Five flatmates, five different takes on first love. Stream it on Netflix.