5 Easy Lifestyle Changes That Can Lift Your Mood and Mental Health

#SelfcareSundays are great but your lifestyle choices for the rest of the week also impact your mental health. So, here's how you can amp up your self-care to have a positive effect on how you really feel!

5 Easy Lifestyle Changes That Can Lift Your Mood and Mental Health

Expert speak:

"Mental well-being has been globally affected due to the pandemic. For those who are unable to spend the holidays as they typically do with their families or those of us who have undergone a COVID-related loss, things could feel vague around this time. Show yourselves some kindness and sympathy by finding out how we can be a good company to ourselves," says Kanchan Rai, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Coach, Founder - Let Us Talk.

Acknowledge the blues

She adds, "Our foremost response towards feelings that are perceived as negative is to suppress them. It is suggested that we must instead recognize them, and uphold our expectations accordingly. Moving away from how we are “supposed to” feel to accepting how we actually feel can help take off some of the pressure making us feel relieved." Here are her suggestions to start caring more for yourself:

Create a stress-busting, self-care routine for yourself

"Self-care is all about the small techniques and lifestyle alterations you can make to aid in upholding your physical as well as psychological health. Paying attention to yourself is vital. It is okay to feel like you require a break or to take time out from your everyday tasks to just sit back, have a moment to yourself, and concentrate on how you are doing."

"Self-care is all about recognizing your own requirements. Identifying that you are feeling stressed out, nervous or anxious is a great preliminary step. By concentrating on what, exactly, maybe causing these feelings, you can generate a plan to aid you to acknowledge how you are feeling, uphold these feelings, and determine effective ways to cope with it."

Boosting your confidence and reducing anxiety with mind therapy

"If you have been feeling apprehensive about your big day, hypnotherapy can aid you to not only feel more undisturbed but can also boost your self-assurance levels preparing you for the events lying ahead."

Practice relaxation methods

"These techniques will reduce your overall stress levels. Practices like mindfulness meditation, yoga, deep inhalation and progressive muscle relaxation can bring back your mind and body into a harmonizing state."

Fuel yourself healthy to feel better

"What we eat has a huge impact on how we feel. Following a wholesome diet can uplift our energy, enable a good night’s sleep and recover our overall sense of wellbeing."

Seek help when you need

Most lifestyle changes can be boosting, some fluctuations may be challenging if being used as an emotive crutch. These might require to be dealt with carefully, and with professional support.