Best Way to Get Over a Breakup, According to a Mental Health Expert

Breaking up with someone you love is not easy. Clinical psychologist Dr Pankhuri Chandra, an expert at Eat Luv N Pray, shares how to get over your ex and move on.

Whether you are a dumper or a dumpee, breaking up is difficult for everyone. Calling quits on a romantic relationship does not mean that you have failed in love or that you are just is another opportunity to find love once again! Nevertheless, if you are feeling the breakup blues, here is what clinical psychologist Dr Pankhuri Chandra, an expert at Eat Luv N Pray suggests you do to get back in the love game:

Best Way to Get Over a Breakup, According to a Mental Health Expert

Accept the situation

If you have called quits or have been broken up with, looking at old photographs won't help. Instead, focus on reality, however harsh, to realise why the relationship actually ended. Dr Chandra says, "Acceptance of what is happening is imperative. Ït is the first step. Being in denial will not help."

Don't withdraw into a shell

It is natural to curl up into a melancholic shell when we are hurt. While it may feel good for a while, remember to not turn it into a habit. She says, "Being aware that the vicissitudes of life are such that nothing is permanent so don’t take anything for granted and don’t become complacent about what you have."

Have a support system

People in a relationship tend to neglect other personal relationships and that is not a good thing. "It’s important to have a support system and maintain other relationships apart from a romantic one. It is these people who we will look to when our heart is broken," says Dr Chandra.

Get busy

"Cultivating hobbies and interests can distract us from heartache," says Dr Chandra. Spending time doing new things are a great way to distract yourself from sad thoughts and can help in your road to recovery.

Acknowledge your relationship mistakes

While self-love is very important, it is equally imperative to realise and work on your flaws too. Dr Chandra says, "Even though blaming ourselves can be self-destructive, it is important to acknowledge our hand in the relationship. Working on ourselves, modifying maladaptive behaviour patterns becomes necessary in the aftermath of a breakup or when faced with rejection."

Breakup = Better work performance!

You can utilise your job to serve as a way to get over an ex. Let the anger and sadness help you achieve your career goals. "Upholding responsibility, work-related or otherwise can give us a sense of accomplishment. Therefore, having something to work towards can also help get over a breakup," Dr Chandra adds.