These 7 Countries Are Accepting Visa Applications From Indian Passport Holders Now!

Watching northern lights in Iceland or tanning at Croatia's *gorgeous beaches* won't be a far-fetched dream anymore...

With restrictions slowly lifting up in different parts of the world, we can finally think of packing our bags and catch a flight to the destinations we have been daydreaming off endlessly. Whether you want to visit the snow-clad Alpines in Switzerland for 90 days (yes! you heard that right) or enjoy the tea gardens in Bangladesh without paying a visa fee or even suddenly switch your life... and fly to Morocco to work, this is your time! Here are seven picturesque countries you can choose from for your next #travelgoals.


Iceland's visa application centres were shut due to the pandemic but they are open now. You can finally plan a short visit to watch the whales, go to Landmannalaugar for witnessing the different hues of mountains, or even visit Reykjavik Harbor for checking out the Northern lights!


If you are visiting Dubai and wanting to squeeze in a trip to UAE as well, then you just got lucky! Got a layover at the Dubai airport for five hours? Well, now you can apply for a Dubai Visa for at least 96 hours. Don't forget to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Observation Deck at 300.


Morocco is now accepting visa applications for both work and travel. It is a city you can't miss—from their tantalizing Moroccan dishes to wandering through Aït Benhaddou or just checking out Casablanca.


Switzerland is currently accepting applications from Indian passport holders for up to 90 days. With its old-world charm and picturesque view, plan a trip with your base to watch the snow-clad Alpines or visit the medieval towns on the riverside.


The Canadian government announced that they had re-opened their visa application centres and have now started accepting passports from Indian travellers. It's time to pack your bags to enjoy the rich vibrant culture of Canada in the city of Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and more!


Opening the doors to Indian passport holders for travel purposes, Croatia is currently allowing entry to Uniform Visa (C) holders for two of multiple entries. This is valid for all states coming under the Schengen Area. Enjoy a peaceful time in Medvednica or soak in their natural hot springs. If you are a foodie at heart, check out their delicious food scene at Zagreb.


You can now travel to Bangladesh for both travel and business purposes without paying any visa fee. Visit the famous Sunderbans forest or the Chittagong Hill tracts to rekindle your connection with nature.