Hugh Grant reveals why he found Love Actually's iconic dance scene "excruciating"

Erm, we couldn't disagree more, Hugh!

By Jade Biggs
27 November, 2022
Hugh Grant reveals why he found Love Actually's iconic dance scene "excruciating"

December is right around the corner, and that means eating all the Christmas food and watching all the Christmas movies. And top of our list every year is Lpve Actually, which will soon be celebrating its 20th birthday with a reunion special. Yep, we're officially excited.

But, despite the movie well and truly earning its place in the Christmas film hall of fame, one star has revealed that he wasn't totally on board to begin with. "I saw it in the script, and I thought, 'Well, I'll hate doing that'," Hugh Grant said of his iconic Love Actually dance scene. "I didn't fancy doing the dance at all, let alone rehearsing it."

Hugh's revelation came during a chat with Diane Sawyer, who is hosting the reunion special – The Laughter & Secrets of Love Actually: 20 Years Later—that airs on 29 November.


In response to Hugh's secret finally being spilled, Love Actually's director, Richard Curtis, added that the actor "kept saying no" when it came time to film the scene. "I think he was hoping I'd get ill or something and we'd say, 'Oh, well, what a shame, we'll have to lose that dancing sequence'."

The director went on to reveal that Hugh was "grumpy" when they filmed the scene, but it was ultimately a "contractual obligation" for him to cut those shapes—which Hugh jokingly referred to as a "contractual guillotine."

"I'm out of rhythm, by the way, especially at the beginning when I wiggle my ass," Hugh pointed out, before admitting that he still can't watch the scene with a straight face. "To this day, there's many people—and I agree with them—who think it's the most excruciating scene ever committed to celluloid," Hugh went on. "But then some people like it."

Yep, it's us, we're 'some people'.

Credit: Cosmopolitan