Cosmo's Week in Cocktails

A round-up of what we've been sipping on at some of the hottest addresses in Delhi!

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  • Sangria at Fio's Cookhouse and Bar

    At Cosmo HQ, we believe Monday is the new Friday, and there couldn't be a better way to start the week than with a white wine sangria. Plus, it's got all these fresh fruits. So good for you, right?

  • Elderflower Cloud at The Hungry Monkey

    Monkey's Elderflower concoction with tequila and sweet lime is pure magic. It looks classy as hell and it will go perfectly with that gown. Plus, it's nice and sweet, so you won't know when it will hit you.

  • The Cosmo Explosion at Social

    The classic Cosmo gets a cotton candy twist. This is what dreams are made of! This one's perfect for mid-week revelry with the girls.

  • Watermelon and Starranise Margarita at Summer House

    Summer House takes its concoctions very seriously. Herbs and spice feature aplenty in their cocktails. This one is a tried and tested weekday favourite.

  • Fresh Fruit Mojito at The Backyard

    Is it a cocktail? Or is it a juice. The class mojito gets a healthier twist. We've made this our Friday night fix!

  • Shutter Island Ice Tea at Tabulah Beach

    Like LIIT, only classier. This one boasts an intoxicating combination of apple and rosemary. And when we say intoxicating, we mean good luck remembering what happened on Saturday night!

  • Orange Basil Mojito at Coast Café

    Because basil makes everything better. Everything! Plus, they've got some delish Coastal-inspired cuisine to go with.