5 Ways to Make Your House Smell Good AF

Tired of your home smelling funky? Try this!

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    Essential Oils

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    (DIY) Potpurri

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    Scented candles

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    Electric Diffuser

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    Incense sticks


  • Our top 3 favourite ways to use essential oils are:
    1) With a diffuser.
    2) Add to small spray water bottle and use as room freshener.
    3) Add a few drops to cotton balls and leave around home (especially closets!).

    We recommend: Soulflower 'Pure aroma essential oil' INR 279

  • Potpurri holds scents for long periods of time and are best used in smaller rooms. You can make your own potpurri by mixing dried flowers and fragrance oils. Add your dried flowers into an air tight container and add a few drops of fragrance oils. Close lid and let sit for 2 weeks to ensure the flowers absorb the oils. Open the container and enjoy your potpurri!

  • Scented candles are a great way to make your home smell amazing while adding a cozy, romantic touch!

    We recommend: The Body Shop 'Frosted plum' candle INR 1,695

  • If you are looking for worry free way to make your home smell amazing, pick up an electric diffuser!

    We recommend: Air-Aroma 'Aromax' INR 24,000

  • Oldie but a goodie! Incense sticks can really change the smell of your home by adding a subtle but beautiful scent.

    We recommend: Hem Oodh 'Sandlewood' INR 180