Real Girls Answer: Is It Okay to Give Him Your E-mail Password?

We asked Cosmo girls to weigh in...

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    Aditi M., 23 ​

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    Jayati m., 25 ​

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    Priyanka s., 25

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    Ankita K., 23 ​

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    Vanshika w., 22 ​

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    Akanksha p., 23 ​


  • "No, I don't think I would do it. It's one of the few things that

    people won't judge you for not sharing. Plus, it's better to keep him


  • "I actually gave my password to my boyfriend because I

    needed to send an urgent e-mail and didn't have access to the Internet. I

    haven't bothered to change it after that."

  • "No I wouldn't. It's a matter of trust and privacy. What if

    I'm expecting a job offer or medical report that I'm not ready to discuss? My

    e-mail is private!"

  • "As long as it's mutual and no one is being forced or

    blackmailed into giving their password, it's totally cool!

  • "If he really needed it then I wouldn't hesitate to share it. But, a little bit of individual privacy is okay. We trust each other enough to respect the other's personal space."

  • "He's my boyfriend for a reason and I trust him. Sharing or

    not sharing passwords makes no difference to me."