How to Make Your Pet an Internet Star!

Here's how your dog, cat (any animal, really) can get Insta-famous in no time!

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  • Cute Always Wins

    Boo's a pomeranian and officially 'the cutest dog in the world'. Know why? He lives the human-life. From play-dates with friends to a new haircut—Boo's owner captures every part of his active social life. Totes adorbs!

  • The Weirder, the Better

    Adopt the most unconventional pet and half your work is done. Darcy, a hedgehog, poses in shoes, mugs, next to toys...and he's bloody good at it. In fact, this prickly pet is so popular, he even has his own book!

  • Dress Them Up

    He's not just a dog, he's the man! Step two to making your pet a celeb—give him a personality. Menswear Dog does just that. He has style, wears cologne, and looks fab. Accessories are always a good idea.

  • Snarky is Smart

    Grumpy Cat was so major 'cause the Internet loves cats—and mean ones that remind them of Garfield. Now Shishi Maru is the new Grumpy Cat. He looks mad...but his owner's probably laughing his way to the bank!