5 Tibetan Exercises That Can Give You a Surge of Energy in Just 10 Minutes

It isn't known as 'The fountain of youth' for no reason.




As soon as mid-week blues start kicking in, the plan of hitting the gym feels heavier than those kettle bells. If you're looking for a quick rejuvenating activity and yoga is too slow for you, read on coz we've found the best workout move for you.

These five Tibetan Rites is over 2,500 years old. Unlike the Indian yoga which focuses on static postures, the Tibetan rites are all about continuous movements.

A regular practice of the 5 rites workout will lead you to a lot of benefits. It is said that the monks designed these 'Rites' to regain health, youth, and vitality. Although, each rite is helpful in itself but the combination of all 5 will result in an increase of energy, reduction of stress and overall improvement in health and well-being. In a fast paced lifestyle, a 10 minutes workout that could help you achieve an enhanced sense of calm, clarity of thought and increased strength, must be embraced.

Here's a video that shows all 5 rejuvenating rites.

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCRY8AUJxVw&feature=youtu.be[/youtube]

Points to be noted:

# While performing the exercises, make sure to rotate clockwise as it's considered better.

# Watch your breath. Make sure you breath through the nose.

# If you feel exhausted, you may reduce the number of sets.

# Cooling down is important. Make sure to rest after the exercising.

And there you are, ready for a kick*ss day!