8 Easy Ways to be More Confident

"Fake it till you make it"




You might have heard the saying "some people are just born with confidence". Well, we are here to tell you that is not completely true. Yes, some people naturally exude confidence, but it is a trait that you can learn as well! Don't know how? Read on to find out how to become more confident in no time! 

Stand tall. 
Good posture will not only make you look confident, but it will make you feel confident too! So remember to always, stand tall and proud! 

Dress Well. 
Wearing clothes you are comfortable in can instantly give you a boost. However, dressing well does not mean it has to break the bank, just find well fitting outfits that make you appear well put together and presentable! 

3) Step outside your comfort zone.
Doing new things outside of your normal routine is the ultimate way to gain confidence. You will impress yourself and learn your true potential along the way! 

4) Don't take yourself too seriously. 
Learn to laugh at yourself! If you mess up, who cares?! Having a sense of humour shows true confidence! 

5) Do your homework. 
Whether you are giving a speech or going on an interview, rehearse and research! Knowing your facts will give you that extra boost of confidence from the start! 

6) Fake it till you make it. 
We are totally serious on this one! Fake the feeling of confidence and you will see how it turns into real thing during the process!

7) Think Positive.
Replace any negative thoughts that may pop up with positive thoughts. Remind yourself you CAN do this! 

8) Practice makes perfect. 
Confidence is a trait that comes with practice. Using a combination of all the steps mentioned above and truly believing in yourself, you'll be more confident in no time!

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