3 Reasons to Stop Gossiping at Work Right Now





Gossiping at work is a big NO-NO especially if you are looking to get ahead in your career. Many people may not fully understand the consequences of work gossip and find sharing info with their colleagues harmless. Check out our top 3 reasons why it is very bad idea to give into the work gossip temptation!

1) You are wasting time at work. Gossiping at work means you are wasting valuable time you could be working. This can result in delayed assignments, working late,  and giving a bad impression of your work ethics to your manager. 

2) Your co-workers can sabotage you. When you freely share sensitive or personal information with co-workers, they can use your input against you with your management or other co-workers. 

3) You can get fired! This is the most serious consequence. Your job could be at risk if you engage in gossip. Most upper management will not tolerate work gossiping in any form and you can be terminated as a result.