5 Fun Fitness Classes To Try

Fun while working out? #YASSSS




​If you are like us, you are officially B-O-R-E-D of going to the gym! The same old equipment, the same old exercises gets repetitive after a while, we know. If you are looking to switch up your workout, why not take up one of our favorite workout classes? 

1) Zumba

Our favorite workout class where you will truly have a blast! Zumba is a fun combination of latin music with crazy dance moves to get your heart pumpin' and body movin'! 

2) Kick Boxing

Kickboxing builds strength, confidence and tones your body in no time! This is also an amazing cardio workout that you will actually enjoy. You heard us, you will the cardio in this kick ass class! 

3) Spin

Indoor cycling with loud music to get you pumped, fast! You can control your pace or follow your instructor to get sweating in no time. Spinning is also a great workout if you suffer from joint problems. 

​4) Dance class

With so many different types of dance classes offered, there surely is one that will fit your interests! From bhangra to hip hop and everything in between, this is the best way to burn calories and you can invite your friends along for the fun! 

5) Yoga

Yoga improves flexibility, relieves stress and builds muscle strength. If you have ever been curious to take a yoga class, you will be surprised to find that it is much harder than you anticipated!