5 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Make Time to Workout

Will = Way!




We all live extremely busy lives. Between work, relationships, friendships and a few moments to yourself, who has time to workout?! We understand the struggle, but working out can be extremely beneficial for your physical and mental health. Here are 5 ways to make time to exercise even with your insanely busy schedule. 

1) Wake up early. This is an obvious one, but one that is super important. Make a commitment to wake up an hour ealy and hit the gym! You will start your day off right and have a boost of energy from the start! 

2) Get exercise during work hours. A lot of us have sedentary jobs, so it is important to get in a workout whenever you can. Stand-up desks are a great way to 'workout' without ever feeling like you are working out! Cosmo tip: You can also take stairs over lifts or escalators. 

3) Walk to work. Instead of taking public transportation or driving into work, walk! It is the easiest way to exercise on the go without requiring too much of your time. 

4) Replace "TV" time with workout time...or work out while watching tv! Push ups, sit ups, lunges are some of the few workouts you can do while watching TV! Talk about ultimate multi-tasking! 

5) Plan with a friend. If you want a workout and have fun doing it, invite a friend along! You will motivate one another and get a kick ass workout at the same time! 

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