5 Apps To Organize Your Life Fast

Personal assistant?! Yes, please!




One of the easiest ways to stay organized is by getting a (virtual) personal assistant! Here are our top 5 apps to keep your tasks in check and get sh*t done! 

1) 24me

The perfect app to help you stay on top of your schedule. From your calendar to your notes, everything remains in one place to help you get everything on your list done! 

2) Wunderlist

Organizing and scheduling tasks has never been easier! Wunderlist makes it super easy to note, share and complete all tasks on your to-do list! 

3) EasilyDo

The perfect virtual assistant that will remind you to answer emails, notify you of upcoming meetings, check traffic delays and so much more! 

4) EverNote

Why keep notes, lists and other projects on different apps when you can save them in one app? Evernote is the one stop shop to keep your notes and lists organized! 

5) DropBox 

Save and store large files on Dropbox which you can access anytime, anywhere without worrying about taking up space on your phone!