7 Definite Signs You Need to Cut Ties With Your BFF

...like NOW!




Having a trustworthy, reliable best friend is like having a sister. She is always there for you and will have your back no matter what! #friendshipgoals ...until she becomes completely toxic. Here are 7 signs you need to cut ties with your BFF as soon as possible. 

1) She is way too negative.
Everyone is allowed to complain here and there, but your BFF takes complaining to a whole other level. You find yourself feeling negative, because of the energy she brings into your world. 

2) You don't trust her anymore.
Your bestie has betrayed your trust more than once and you constantly find yourself wondering if you can truly trust her again. 

3) She doesn't have your best interests.
You often feel that your best friend has alternative motives and looks for ways to sabotage you, instead of looking out for you.  

4) She constantly puts you down.
You leave your best friend feeling bad about yourself because her comments are condescending... or just plain mean. 

5) She talks about you behind your back.
You have heard from multiple people that your BFF was talking sh*t about you behind your back.

6) She drains the life out of you.
You leave your friend feeling as though you have just ran a marathon. Her negativity, manipulative tactics are literally sucking the life out of you.  

7) She lies to you.
You have caught your friend lying to you on multiple occasions and each time you have confronted her, she finds ways to get herself out of the lie.