7 Surprising Ways Your Life Changes After You Get Married

Especially #5




Once you get married, your life immediately changes (for the better) because you have made the commitment to spend the rest of your life with your bae. And while you may not realize it, here are 7 ways your life will definitely be different after you say 'I do.' 

1) Your intimacy. After marriage, your intimacy with your husband increases to a whole new level. You tell each other everything, seek advice and are your most vulnerable self around one another. 

2) Your security. You may have felt silly insecurities when you were dating, but because marriage is a commitment for life, you feel solid and secure. 

3) Your sex life. Many people have the misconception that sex goes out the window after marriage but that is not true. You may have to work a bit harder, but because you are so comfortable with one another, you can fully enjoy without feeling judged. 

4) Your friends. You may notice that you don't see your single friends as much as you used to anymore. It's OK. You'll suddenly acquire a new set of 'couple friends' who understand your relationship and are fun to go on double dates with.

5) Your finances. When you guys were dating, your finances were separate but after tying the knot, your money becomes joint. It adds another layer of security and you consult one another about major financial decisions. 

6) Your alone time. Remember when you guys were dating and wanted to spend ever waking moment with each other??? Well, all that changes after marriage because the few times you are home alone, you fully cherish your alone time!

7) Your weight. You may be surprised to find your weight going up or down depending on your partner. If he is a health freak and loves the gym, you might get in the best shape of your life but if he loves his food, you will be his partner in eating as well!