7 Foods You Should Stop Eating If You Want To Lose Weight

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1) Samosas
Everyone loves a good samosa, but did you know these stuffed pastries are extremely high in cholesterol and fat? 

2) French fries
French fries are potatoes that are deep fried, which makes them super high in fat and carbohydrates. 

3) Naan
Naans are made with white flour and usually topped off with a layer of ghee. So, although naans are insanely delicious, they are extremely unhealthy to eat daily.

4) Colas/Sodas
Sodas contain high amounts of sugar which can quickly turn into fat. Avoid drinking these to shave off unnecessary calories and an overall healthier lifestyle. 

5) Chicken tikka masala
Although this is on top of everyone's favourite foods, chicken tikka masala is made in a heavy, creamy sauce which is laden with calories. 

6) Chips
Chips are super high in trans fat and often contain genetically engineered ingredients, making it a very unhealthy snack. 

7) Butter chicken
The name says it all: Butter-chicken, which means this dish is cooked with high amounts of  butter, making it easily one of the fattiest foods around. 

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