4 Easy Ways To Deal With Toxic Coworkers

"Ignore them!"




If you have ever dealt with toxic coworkers, you know they can suck the joy out of work. They are negative, love to gossip, and can backstab you in any given moment. If you have spotted a toxic coworker, here are 4 easy ways to deal with them in the most professional manner. 

1) Distant Yourself. Maybe you were once friends with this coworker but starting to notice their toxic tendencies. It is best to distant yourself and keep away from joining in. You don't want to be dragged into a mess you never intended to be a part of.

2) Ignore them. If you have coworkers that are complete a**holes, do your best to ignore them at all cost! This way, you are not part of any office gossip and won't have to worry about getting involved in their conversations! 

3) Confront them...in the most professional way possible, of course! Pull your coworkers aside for a private conversation and let them know how their actions have affected you. This will show them that you will not deal with inappropriate behaviour at all.

4) Focus on your work. In combination with ignoring your coworkers toxic behaviours, you should focus strictly on your work. While they are busy complaining, do your absolute best on your tasks and gain the attention of your boss. Turn their negativity into your own positivity!