5 Games To Play At Your Baby Shower

Games that are actually fun!




1) Play-doh babies

How to play
Give your guests a small amount of Play doh and 10-15 minutes to 'make a baby'. You will be so surprised to see the hilarious babies they make! 

2) Advice for the mommy

How to play
This is more of a keepsake for the mom-to-be, so find a small box, write out advice/blessings for mommy and baby and keep forever! 

via littlemisskate.ca

3) Diaper fashion

via Play party plan

How to play
Give a box of diapers to each person (or team) and have them create a full fashion look! Pick your favourite one as the winner!

4) Guess the baby food

How to play
Pick out 4-5 different baby food and remove all original labels. Number each food and have your guest taste and identify each one. The person with the most correct answers is the winner!via showerideas.net

5) Baby's first portrait

How to play
Give each guest an index card and market. Have them place the index card on their forehead and draw what they think your baby will look like!

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