5 Surprising Reasons You Are Not Losing Your Belly Fat

Stop the sit-ups!




Spending hours in the gym, trying to lose the stubborn belly fat with minimal results is supperrrr frustrating (been there)! Yes, losing fat in your abdominal area is not easy, but does not have to be impossible. Here are 5 reasons you may be holding on to the fat in your mid-section and how to start seeing results ASAP!

1) You are spending too much time on cardio. If you spend hours doing cardio and see no results, try adding weight lifting to your workouts. Building muscle burns more calories and you will see results much faster!

2) You are not getting enough sleep. If you are constantly sleep deprived, you are likely to produce a hormone called cortisol, which increases your appetite, causing you to gain weight. Sleep more to lose inches from your waist, fast!

3) You are stressed , AF! If you have a lot on your mind and dealing with stress, it can cause you to gain weight in your belly area. Stress produces also produces cortisol, which can control the amount of fat your body holds on to.

4) You are eating like crap! Eating processed foods like chips, bread, cheese etc. can cause you to gain fat in your mid-section in a short amount of time. If you want to lose weight, switch out all processed food for things like fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

5) You are getting older. Sad, but true. As you age, your metabolism slows down, which can cause you to gain weight in specific areas of the body. Most often, it is usually in your middle. #yikes