5 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Going To Bed

...if you want the best sleep of your life!

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    Dark chocolate

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    Caffeinated drinks

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    Ice cream

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    High carb foods


  • You might be thinking that dark chocolate is an innocent indulgence, but it contains caffeine that can keep you up at night!

  • Obvious, but true! Coffee, energy drinks, tea all contain caffeine, which can keep you awake for hours! Try drinking decaf or stick to water instead!

  • While many think a quick night cap can help you sleep faster, it is simply not true. Having alcohol before bed can cause you to wake up randomly at night to go to the bathroom or leave you feeling dehydrated!

  • As delicious as it is, ice cream contains a sugar that can make you hyper and keep you awake longer than you would like to be!

  • Bread, pasta, rice all contain high amounts of carbs which can sit in your belly, making you feel bloated and uneasy. Skip the carbs before bed time to ensure you rest easy.