5 Yoga Poses That Will Relieve Anxiety Fast

Stressed out? Try this!

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    Child's pose

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    Corpse pose

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    Tree pose

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    Cat pose

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    Forward bend


  • Getting into child's pose will instantly calm your mind because it releases tension from the back, shoulders and chest. It is a great pose to do when your thoughts feel out of control and will help bring you back to stillness.

  • Savasana is also known as the most important pose in Yoga because it relaxes every muscle in your body. Savasana also helps to bring your body back to normal after exercising.

  • To improve your concentration and still your mind, the tree pose is the way to go. Not only does this pose help to strengthen your legs, it will also help strengthen your mind.

  • Another pose to help quiet the mind is the cat pose. Not only will you be able to strengthen your spine and neck, you will also feel extremely relaxed while in this pose.

  • An outstanding pose to relieve anxiousness is the forward bend. You will find your muscles relax as soon as you get into the bend.