7 Essential Things You Should Always Keep In Your Gym Bag

Break a sweat, but look so good!

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    Dry Shampoo

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    Makeup Removing Wipes

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    Body Mist

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    Tinted moisturizer

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    Clean socks

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    Tinted lip balm


  • Sweaty hair after the gym? Not so much with dry shampoo! Quick refresher, on the go!

    Batiste 'Dry Shampoo' INR 550

  • Going out after the gym? Take a makeup cleansing towelette to quickly clean your face!

    Neutrogena 'Deep clean Makeup Cleansing wipes' INR 6,365

  • Gym sweats got you smelling a little funky? Body mist will save the day!

    Victorias Secret 'Body mist' INR Approx 650

  • Need an instant refresher for your post gym date? Spray on deo is the way to go!

    Nivea 'Fresh natural deodorant' INR 142

  • Going to meet your friends after that intense workout? Apply a little bit of tinted moisturizer for an instant glow!

    NYX 'Tinted moisturizer' INR 1,200

  • Out with the old, sweaty gym socks. In with these fresh babies!

    Nike 'Multicolour ankle socks' INR 200

  • Hydrate and add a little bit of colour to your lips with a tinted lip balm!

    Maybelline 'Baby lips' INR 140