7 Apps and Fitness Channels That Will Give You a Bikini Bod in No Time

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#1. For a Daily Dose of Running

Nike+ Running

Probably one of the most popular fitness apps around, Nike+ Running not only tracks your route, distance, calories, and pulse, but also lets you post photos, compare yourprogress on a day-to-day basis, and share your accomplishments.

#2. For Challenging Workouts

Bodyrock TV

Founder and instructor Lisa Marie is just brilliant. Her workouts are challenging, motivating, and she'll make you try moves that you would have never heard of. One look at her body and you'll be a follower for life!

#3. For intensive training

7 Minute Workout

Low on time? You'll love this one! Based on scientific studies that intensive training for short periods of time actually has better long-term results, this app is like having your own (high-intensity) trainer who really knows his stuff. Target locked!

#4. For everything under the Sun


This app offers a variety of packages, some of which are personalized. Basically, you can download Learn to Handstand alongside regular yoga, and master the moves with the help of a step-by- step guide. You can even follow the posts of friends and instructors to stay motivated. The only catch—while the app is free, the packages are paid for.

#5. For healthy eating

My Fitness Pal

You already know that your diet is essential if you want to stay fit. And My Fitness Pal loves playing dietician by monitoring what you eat, your progress, and calculating the amount of nutrition you need.

#6. For an all-Round Routine


A variety of trainers offer advice on health, nutrition, diet, along with workout videos. With weekly videos and routines of varying intensity, this channel is perfect for those who want to watch their diet and tone up at the same time!

#7. For Celebrity Workouts

Xhit Daily

Want to look like a Victoria's Secret model? Along with decoding the Angels' workouts, this channel also introduces you to the fitness regimens of famous celebrities. Work your way towards that A-list bod!