Say Hello To the World's First Transgender Doll!

And it's inspired by a real person...




In a very progressive move, Tonner Doll Company—known for its high-fashion dolls and adult collectibles—debuted the world's first-ever transgender doll at the New York Toy Fair recently. Inspired by the 16-year-old Jazz Jennings, one of the youngest people to be documented as transgender, the doll will be on sale starting this summer.

Designed and sculpted by the company's founder, Robert Tonner, the doll is dressed just like Jazz on the cover of her memoir Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen. Talking about this new development, Robert said: "Jazz stands for everything I respect from a human nature point of view. She's incredibly brave, intelligent, warmhearted and creative." While the company might be big among geeky adults, who love their Wizard Of Oz collectibles or uber-fashionable dolls, Jazz is aimed at children specifically.

Here's a closer look at Jazz, the doll, and what she thinks of this doll:

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