Dr. Radhike Khanna is a Woman You Should Know About!

Devoting 25 years of her life to 'special children', this lady has made several developments for people struggling with mental-illness!




You'd be shocked to know that mentally-challenged women are the most vulnerable population in our country. They live isolated lives and are constantly exposed to mental and physical abuse.

Dr. Radhike Khanna, in order to bridge this livelihood chasm, gives mentally-challenged women a sense of self-worth and dignity. She, along with a few patrons created this pioneering Non-Profit Training Project for holistic and educational rehabilitation of mentally-challenged women.

Another sad fact about people struggling with mental illness is that about 22.3 Lakh people in India suffer from mental disability, and struggle to get a job!

Dr Khanna firmly believes in unleashing the creativity from within each child as well- she was instrumental in bringing about an attitudinal change where society as a whole started to accept them rather than labeling them as 'useless'.

According to her, real education is that which enhances the dignity of a human being and increases their self-respect. She has devoted 25 years of her life to 'special children' and has been acknowledged by Dr. Abdul Kalam and Mr. Pranab Mukherjee. The Ministry of Women and Child Development has also conferred her with the prestigious 100 Top Women Achievers Award for her outstanding contribution in the category of "Disability and Disadvantage".

More power to this lady who's constantly doing the right thing!