5 Secret Tips Every Fit Girl Follows!

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1) Work Out in the morning

Morning workouts are the best to start your morning with. It not only helps you to reduce your fat faster but also boost your metabolism. Bonus: Working out in morning keeps you active all day long.

2) Eat clean

When it comes to healthy lifestyle, eating clean and green is *the* mantra! You should include fruites, veggies, protiens and vitamins to your diet. Foods like eggs, oats etc are every fit girl's favourite!

3) Workout with a friend

Feeling lazy to hit the gym? Take your BFF along! The best way to motivate yourself is workout with a friend. This way your workout will be more fun and you both will be in your best shape.

4) Switch up workouts

Always keep a mix of exercises for a healthy body. This is one of the best ways to boost your metabolism. Also, you'll get to try new workout each day and stay motivated. Bingo!

5) Drink Wisely

Alcohol def spoils your workout. Make sure you drink wisely when you're trying to keep weight in check. And if you do end up drinking wine, make sure you drink water after it. This will not only protect you from dehydration but also help you avoid a hangover.