Here Are 12 Funniest Reactions to the Snapchat Fiasco!

Poor or not, we're def rich in humour!




If you haven't heard about the Snapchat fiasco that's trending all over the internet, then where have you been!

Here's a quick update of what's happened so far – A Variety report came out which quoted Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel (back in 2015) allegedly saying that the app was only for rich people and not for poor countries like India or Spain. Obviously, the Internet exploded and Snapchat is facing some serious hate in India. People have even started boycotting the popular app – while some are uninstalling it, others are leaving one star reviews on the app store.

But not only that, even Snapdeal (an e-commerce company) has been suffering! Indians have been deleting and sending hate to 'Snapdeal' thinking it's associated with 'Snapchat'!

Guys, check your facts, you're ruining the point!

Here are some of the funniest reactions on the Internet, to this whole ordeal.

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/SahilBulla/status/853259204865384449[/twitter]

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/SahilBulla/status/853256955288199168[/twitter]

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[twitter ]https://twitter.com/sweetyssingh/status/853505526218448896[/twitter]

The snapchat, snapdeal confusion.

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They're even trolling Miranda Kerr, the model and Spiegel's girlfriend!