If You're Basically Joey Tribbiani About Your Deep Obsession With Sandwiches...

...welcome to heaven




What was most endearing about the Big Fat Sandwich was the fact that it was legitimately intimate, and it gave off the vibe that some genuinely gives a damn about the food they're making. The whole point of the restaurant's incredible specialisation is that they do a wide span of one thing, and they do it really well.

The ambience is relaxed, and you get a very 'this place has regulars' vibe when you see the owners constantly greeting and hugging the people that stream in, and have chosen to have a food-full-alcohol-free Saturday night (like moi).

What's nice about this place, though, is that it's simply easy (ambience-wise) and very food-focussed, in a non-douchey, non taking-themselves-too-seriously way. It's clear from the abundance of toppings and giant portions that it's a concept resteraunt by someone that just genuinely enjoys food, and wants other people to enjoy it too.

To add to the experience, there's Blue Tokai coffe (which, if you've ever had, you'll know is how a coffee-purist likes their brew) and Miam desserts, which are so decadent, you're dessert-stomach will kick in post a giant grilled cheese regardless. Definitely worth renouncing liquor for the evening.

Toasted Croissant with Ham & Cheese

Philly Lovin

Morning Big Fattywich

Jack In A Bun