5 Quick and Easy Ways to Get Rid of Your Double Chin

Say hello to natural contouring!




Turning on your phone camera, to find the front camera on, and you're looking down at what you think is your face, but it's just covered by a roll of chins. It's a nightmare we've all faced! And however much you glam up, and put on your best dress, the double chin selfie is always there to haunt you.

As much as you hit the gym,and try your best to lose all body-fat, the double chin is the hardest to get rid of.

Well, we've done a bit of research and found these quick, and simple exercises to help you target that area, specifically. You're welcome.

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1. The Straight Jaw Jut

Tilt your head back, and look up at the ceiling. Push your lower jaw forward, so you can feel the stretch on your chin. Hold that position for 10 seconds. Repeat it for 10 reps, and continue doing this a couple of times a day to see the difference.

2. The Ball Exercise

This one sounds kinda fun, to be fair. Place a little ball under your chin, (about 9-10 inches big), and press your chin down against the ball. Hold that position for a while, and repeat it about 25 times a day.

3. The Kiss

Alright, guys, pucker up. Tilt your head back to face the ceiling, and purse your lips,like you're kissing the ceiling, to stretch the area beneath your chin. It may sound weird, but you'll thank us later.

4. The Tongue Stretch

Yeah even this sounds weird, but apparently it works. Look straight ahead, and stick your tongue out as far as possible. Then, try and get your tongue to touch your nose, so you can feel the stretch. Hold it for 10 seconds.

5. The Neck Roll

So you've already probably done this stretch before, but did you know it helps lose chin fat? Drop your chin towards your chest, and slowly rotate your head to the right. Hold it for five seconds, then rotate it back to the centre, and slowly to the left. Hold it for five seconds again. Repeat this for about 30 seconds, several times a day.

A slight noteworthy thing - You need to stick with a healthy diet, for any of these exercises to work, just as if you were losing fat from any other areas.