7 Foods You Need to Eat Before Your Cardio to Lose Weight Faster

Bonus: All of them taste *real* nice.




Summer is here, and people have set themselves some ridiculous body goals, to fit into their new bikini.

You're willing to do whatever it takes, to fit in a quick cardio sesh, everyday. Whether it's just a quick jog around the park, or a full sprint. Whether you're a casual runner, or a serious marathon one, it's important to fuel your body before.

Being a foodie, we're willing to eat before, and after a run, and pretty much just all the time. But don't you feel that no amount of running or cardio, is helping you get to the body goal you really want? (Or is it just us?) Or that you find yourself absolutely exhausted, just 5 minutes into your cardio session? It's probably because you aren't feeding your body! FYI, your body needs food to burn calories, so stop starving yourself, or following some ridiculous diet.

According to research, here are some foods you need to be eating to fuel your body, before a run, and help you lose weight faster. It's obviously a bit different, depending on individual body types, but these snacks are a good place to start, before a 30-60 minute workout.

Something to note though, if you're running or working out for longer than 60 minutes, you'll need something more substantial. And as a general rule of thumb, give your stomach at least 30 minutes to digest these, before your workout.

1. Dates

They're naturally sugary, so that's a plus. It helps your muscle function, with its potassium levels. And it offers you a quick dose of carbs, which actually fuels your body. So don't freak out, just because we mentioned carbs. Try eating 1/4 cup, 30-60 minutes before your workout.

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2. Coffee

Coffee lovers are probably overjoyed by this, it's just another excuse to buy another fancy iced latte. But that is definitely not what we mean by 'coffee', so pipe down. Try a shot of espresso, or a small cup of coffee with almond milk instead. Research has shown that caffeine can actually help boost performance and athletic endurance, despite what the other myths say.

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3. Toast With Nut Butter and Honey

Frankly, thats sounds delicious, who doesn't like peanut butter and honey? Plus, it offers slow-burning fats and quick carbs - that your body actually needs, so stop freaking out with words like 'fat', and 'carbs'! Although, go for low fibre bread, instead of white bread, why don't you.

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4. Low Fibre Cereal

Also a very very, small bowl of it. We're talking about ¾ cup, with milk of your choice (we'll be a bit lenient with this one). And anything less than 2 grams in fibre is fine, because high-fibre cereal is ridiculously difficult to digest. You don't want to stop your run midway, in dire need of a sh*t now, do you?

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5. Banana and Nut Butter

If you aren't already eating this before a run, you really should be. It's a classic combo, and it's full of potassium, which helps maintain the same glucose levels, a sports drink would, but without all the added sugar. The almond//peanut butter will add protein too, to get some gains in.

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6. Small Toast/ English Muffin With Jelly

Believe it or not, an english muffin with jelly just has about 13 grams of carbs. It's perfect to fuel your body, and easy to digest. Also an English 'muffin' is very different to your idea of a 'muffin', so please don't be buying a bunch of regular muffins, and loading them with jelly.

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7. Applesauce

Yes, we do mean mashed apples, like baby food. Babies like it, so why not give it a try? It's a low-fibre snack, and easy for your body to digest during your run. You can even add a few nuts or boiled eggs to it, to spruce it up, and get your protein intake.

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