This is What Your Birth Order Says About Your Personality

Oldest, middle, youngest or only child - It says a lot about who you are.




You know how annoying it is, when you're burdened with every responsibility, just because you're the oldest child? You need to take care of your little sibling, you also need to finish all the house chores, and you have your own problems to deal with. You just want a breather already!

But it's not so easy, if you're the middle or the youngest child either. Ever heard of 'middle-child syndrome'? The theory that the middle child, misses out on privileges given to the oldest, and also misses out on the allowances made for the baby of the family? It's really not an ideal situation to be in.

When you're the youngest, you're supposed to follow in your older sibling's 'successful' footsteps. "Look at how hard-working they are," "Look at how responsible they are," nag nag nag, all day. It's not the easiest being treated like a baby either.

And it's a whole different thing if you're the only child, there are some serious mix of emotions coming your way. Your birth order actually helps build you into the person you are now. Keep reading to find out exactly how this affects your personality.

If You're The Oldest:

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First time parents tend to be overprotective, strict and quite demanding. This can totally translate to their child, and push them to be an overachiever. No wonder there's so much pressure on first borns to excel at whatever they do.

Which is why, the oldest child likes to be in control. You follow your parents lead, and take charge of things, you're full of confidence. You also tend to be conscientious, ambitious, organised and bit dominating.

You want to become perfectionists, you want everything to be just how you want it, and you want to get it right the first time. After all, you see your parents colouring inside the lines, so why can't you? But it also means, you may have trouble admitting when you're wrong.

If you're the oldest son, you tend to take-charge and are born leaders. Oldest daughters, on the other hand, tend to be bossy, and more aggressive than their younger sisters.

If You're the Middle Child:

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Middle kinda shifts depending on how big your family really is, so you're always in a confusing position. So obviously, you tend to be good at compromising, a skill highly needed to negotiate between your bossy older siblings, and needy younger ones. You are agreeable, diplomatic, and compromising. You are realistic and independent, because you're the least likely to get spoiled.

The middle child tends to be completely opposite to their next older sibling, they want to be different so that it will catch their parents attention. For example, if the older one is a complete suck up, and parent-pleaser, the middle one will try and rebel against them. It's hard to label a middle child.

If You're the Youngest:

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Ah, the most fussed after 'babies' of the family. You are beloved, treasured and treated like a child for even longer than your older siblings. Although the attention is welcomed, it can also be tiring at times. You don't want to be treated like a child, especially when it comes to staying out late.

Parents tend to let things slide with you, they aren't as nervous or protective, so you kinda get away with a lot of things. Don't deny it. You're wayyy more carefree, easygoing, fun-loving, and sociable. You even assume the role of the class clown, or the family clown.

You try and be more rebellious, as compared to your siblings, who you view as smarter, and bigger, and faster than you.

If You're the Only Child:

Some people love the thought of being an only child- the apple of your parents eye. The stereotype is that, you tend to be more pampered and precious to your parents, so you always want the spotlight to be on you, be it in any situation. You're used to feeling important.

But in fact, you tend to grow up faster than other kids with siblings. You take on the responsibilities that come with being an only child, and mature faster, because of all time you spend around adults. And because they're your only role models, you're more susceptible to become perfectionists, than those who are first born.

You're also probably the most creative of all other birth orders, because of all the time that you spend by yourself, sibling-less, you just grow to entertain yourself. It's not as sad as it sounds.