THIS is Exactly How Long It Takes To Burn Off Every Single Kind of Junk Food

22 minutes of running = 1 chocolate bar




Losing weight is no easy task! But you're probably anxious to try, and shed off just that extra bit of fat before your next vacay.

Worry not, the Internet has come up with another fat-torching plan for all of you, struggling to lose weight, and particularly giving into – 'just one more pizza slice'.

This one's for all of you, who run miles to make up for eating that extra pizza slice or do just the opposite – eat a pizza slice because you've just done a bit of cardio. Either ways, it's okay! You probably deserve it anyways. But to help you out, here's a chart that shows you exactly how long you should be working out, to burn off your favourite junk food.

The chart from UK's Royal Society for Public Health, draws out the calories a pizza slice contains, and counters it with the minimum amount you should run or walk, to burn it off. Example, for a quarter of a large pizza with 449 calories, you would need to go on a 43-minute run, or an hour and 23-minute walk.

Refer to the chart below, the next time you tuck into your favourite chocolate bar or a fizzy drink, and you're golden!