5 Hacks to Make Your Breath Smell Good All The Time

#2 will also help you burn some calories.




1) Eating Yogurt Once a Day

Yogurt has the properties which help reduce the level of odour causing hydrogen sulfide in our mouth. According to a study, it helps to reduce plaque and promotes oral hygiene. Food rich in vitamin D like, yogurt, cheese and milk helps to prevent bacteria growth too.

2) Choosing Green Tea Over Coffee

All the acids and enzymes in your coffee might make your mouth smell like a rotten fish but green tea has all the properties to prevent bad breath. Flavonoids in green tea helps to avoid bad breath and harmful bacteria from sticking to your teeth.

3) An Apple a Day...

Hard and crunchy fruits work as a natural toothbrush. The hard texture of the fruit helps to remove the food stuck between your teeth and rubs away the bacteria, resulting in good breath.

4) Cleaning Your Tongue

Always clean your tongue after brushing your teeth. Cleaning your tongue helps to remove the bacteria that stays in your mouth overnight. You can use a tongue scraper or a cleaner.

5) Staying Hydrated

Water helps to keep your mouth moist keeping bacteria at bay. Bottled sport drink, soda are preserved with citric acid, which only increase the chances of having a bad breath. So to get a pleasant smell throughout the day, lower your intake of sodas and drink at least 1 litres of water everyday.