Here's What is Happening to Cecil The Lion's Cubs

You'll be glad to know they're going to be OK.




For all of you who were worrying about Cecil the lion's cubs who were left behind after his death, it's going to be OK.

Another lion named Jericho has stepped up to the plate to look after the three cubs, reports The New York Daily News. He's not related by blood to Cecil, but is apparently part of his "coalition".

Apparently, his choice to raise the cubs could actually be saving their lives as the fear was that another dominant lion would step up into the position of leader of the pride - which often leads to them killing the predessor's offspring in order to make way for their own bloodline in the family.

Cecil's cubs in Hwange National Park. Photo: Safaris @ African Bush Camps / Facebook

Jericho also has help from three lionesses in Cecil's pride - one of which is likely to have mothered the cubs.

"The way lion society works, those cubs would have bonded with Jericho, so those cubs although they might not be Jericho's specifically, he's bonded with them, he's shared kills with them, he knows the lionesses very well," said, Brent Staplekamp, one of researchers who tracked Cecil, to NBC News. "So he will protect those cubs as though they are his own."

Thank goodness. Please let this be the end of this sad story.

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