'Armpit Microwaving' Is a Thing Now

We're down with cooking our makeup, but this one's a bit more extreme.




Yes, you read right. The latest unusual beauty trend is 'microwaving' your armpits because apparently cooking 'em can lead to a reduction in hair growth AND sweat. Interesting.

It's happening in the States where global company Miramar Labs has launched miraSmooth, using their own miraWave technology. Mira what?

Here's the science bit: using precisely controlled microwave energy can help minimise underarm hair as well as permanently reduce underarm sweat at the same time. The non-invasive treatment takes around 40 minutes and requires no downtime. One early adopter explained on her Instagram post: "the procedure didn't hurt, but the few days after I was sore".

The devise used looks like a laser hair removal gun, but unlike that process of removing unwanted fuzz this treatment can work on all hair and skin colours. Dr. Jeremy Brauer, Laser and Skin Surgery Centre of New York says "Using this technology we've seen stable axillary hair reduction of approximately 70% regardless of colour".

They claim it's totally straightforward and safe, although there's no long-term research on microwave hair removal yet. We're pretty intrigued.

By Bridget March

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