Explicit Rape Threat on Facebook Finds Closure With the Culprit's Arrest...and a Step Forward in Women's Safety

What world are we living in?




Yesterday, our social media timeline was flooded with a berserk headline floating around —'Kolkata Guy Threatens To Rape A Girl On Her Facebook'. The headline sounded bone-chilling despite being a virtual threat...in today's closely-knit world how long would it take for a person behind a screen to hunt you down in reality?

This is an alarming case of an already degrading society―if physical violation against women wasn't enough, now we have social media threats waiting for us—unleashed at the drop of a hat!

We tend to overlook a stranger's comment on our carefully picked out pictures for our social media feed (which is literally our baby!). Who cares... right? Wrong. At least, in this woman's case, and it could have been anyone instead of her.

The woman residing in Australia, ignored a stranger named Agniswar Chakraborty's comment on a video that she had posted of her with her brother, and deleted the comment–only to incur the 'wrath' of a potential psychopath who couldn't deal with a rejection of this nature and posted a dangerously nasty and explicit rape threat on her photograph!

WARNING: Explicit Content


If you're done cringing and recovering from the hateful message, read on. People started pouring in messages and tweets about this monstrosity, and urged the girl to report this cyber crime.

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Online harassment is a major issue in today's world of social media domination, and so many of us do not take the pain and effort of reporting cyber criminals.

An online page 'Shontu - United against Online Harassment' came out in support of this case and set up a petition to deal with such mentally sick threats and the people behind them.

Before you tremble (with anger or fear, we don't know yet) there is one positive element that might just restore your faith in humanity. Again, might.

According to TOI, Chakraborty was a compulsive stalker who had stalked and bullied other girls in the past. The Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Vishal Garg put out a tweet on Tuesday stating that the accused had been arrested and had admitted his crime, adding that his mobile had been seized and criminal proceedings in the case have been initiated.

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We're glad the girl went ahead with reporting this incident, it's bloody well time people step up, and uproot these criminals from their roots.