This Japanese Technique Will Help You Relieve Tension And Anxiety in 5 Minutes

For heiwa and happiness!

The fast-paced lifestyle we're leading brings a regular visitor in our lives—Stress. This frenemy paying us visit every now and then becomes a hindrance to the daily shebang. There are plenty of chemical-based quick relief providing options in the market. But, there's one gem of a healing Japanese technique that brings the power of cure right in the palm of your hand. Literally.

According to this ancient trick, each finger helps cure a different feeling. For example, applying pressure on the ring finger can help you overcome sadness.

Here's what each finger represents:

Thumb: Anxiety and worry

Index finger: Fear

Middle finger: Rage

Ring finger: Sadness

Little finger: Optimism

To make this technique work one has to grasp each finger one by one for two minutes. All fingers and thumb of the other hand should wrap this finger properly, until you feel a pulsating sensation. This act balances the opposing energy forces in your body.

For the times when the traffic of thoughts in your mind gets too chaotic, the following trick can be really helpful. Just apply slight pressure on the center of your palm with your opposite thumb for at least a minute.

Let the energy healing begin.