Exciting: Instagram's just announced a ~*sparkly*~ new feature





Hey, @Everybody: if you're already wasting every breathing second on Instagram, chances are it's about to get even worse.

They've just introduced group messaging via the Instagram Direct feature. Which pretty much means you'll never need to text, go on Facebook or speak to another human being IRL ever again.

Not only do you no longer have to tag friends in comments, there is now a quick selfie option that allows you to reply immediately with a pic - the perf excuse to channel your inner Kim Kardashian.

Or, y'know, pull some stupid gurn faces at your mates.

The group messages will appear as a thread where each person added can see the full history of the chat. And yup, Emojis are supported. Because, obvs.

Best news? The update is currently available on the app. Aaaand GO!

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