The Art Fest You Need to Checkout RN

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If you're an art lover and have a thing for mythology, then the Pandora Box art show by The Great Banyan Art is the one you simply can't miss–a group show of fabulous artworks curated by its Co-Founder Sonali Batra.

Inspired by the Greek myth, not to mention the metaphor we use so casually IRL —'Pandora's Box', these artworks will make you revel in your deep, inner thoughts, along with taking you down the memory lane where you first learned about the whole story. You know, the 'forbidden box' and what curiosity did to Pandora!

Opening on November 11th at The Stainless Gallery, the exhibit will run till the 19th, showcasing some of India's leading contemporary artists such as T.V Santosh, Shilpa Gupta, Anjum Singh, Sunil Padwal and Rameshwar Broota.

Take a sneak-peak into the collection that establishes the analogous nature of angst, stress, distress and the fragile nature and the universal need for power that has plagued our earthly paradise.