7 Things You Should Never Say to An Overweight Person

"It's just a matter of portion control." You don't say...




My name is Kunmi Omisore, and I am by no means skinny. Because of this character failure, I am very often on the receiving end of other people's opinions on healthiness and what I should look like, and my poor bum is (unfortunately) usually somewhat a subject of debate. But, believe me, I have it good! I cannot play the victim card (to the best of my ability) because other women have it a lot worse.

The 'fat-shamers' of this world have made it a mission to oppress the dear old love-handled. There is this common misconception that those who are overweight are somehow oblivious to it, but it's not in anyone's place to make another feel uncomfortable about their size. If you're a reasonable, respectful individual and wish not to cause offense to the plus-sized, here are statements you should banish from your conversations.

1. "What are your New Year's resolutions?"

To never have these types of conversations, because I know where they're heading.

2. "Are you going to eat all that?"

Much to your disappointment, yes.

3. "I'll give your 50k if you lose 10kg!"

I'll give you 50k if you go away.

4. "If you lose weight, I'll stop nagging you about being such an XYZ (e.g. messy) person."

It's not a real incentive, and chances are that you won't.

5. "How many calories is that?"

Not enough to give me the energy to answer this.

6. "Stand in front for the family photo!"

If I really wanted to, I think I would.

7. "It's just a matter of portion control."

It's far easier said than done. If you really want to help, send over a good recipe or a box of no-flour brownies.

By Kunmi Omisore

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